Team Certification-Instructions

The purpose of certifying online:  Provide your team information and player roster a head of time so you don’t have to wait at the certification desk. Certification staff is first come first serve!

NOTE: Wait time for certification could be from 10 minutes to an hour.
Do it now so you’ll be of of certification in less then 5-10 minutes.

The coach or the team administrator will need to go to and create a team and the roster of players to then certify the team.  Here is the process to certify your team:

Step 1. Create or login to your account on;

  •  [ View image of this step to create/login to;

Step 2. Create or edit your team;

  • View image of this step to create your team;
  • View image of this step for editing team info;

Step 3. Create player profiles for each of your players;

  • View image ] of this step to create player profiles.
  • View image ] of this step to fill out and update required profile fields for each player.
  • View Image ] of completion of this step.

Step 4. Most important step is to register your team for the specific league or tournaments you wish to play. This is a required step as we do not schedule teams that do not register for the events we host.  Please make sure to complete this step.

  • View image ] of where to click to register for leagues and tournaments.
  • View image ] of list of specific leagues and tournaments to register during the year.
  • View image ] of selecting your players for your roster to then register for Winter League or any other specific event.

Note: If you add players after registering for any specific event, and you wish to include that newly added player onto your roster for that event, you will need to go back to page in “Step 4” and un-register for the events and then re-register to check off the newly added players for the event. :

  • [ View image ] of where to click to un-register.

5. Please make sure to bring your player information with you to the certification desk.