RSportz Registration Guide

Here’s five easy steps to register your player on Rsportz!

STEP 1: If you do not have one already, create an account with R-sportz by making sure the tab is on “NEW ACCOUNT” and filling in the appropriate information.
OR, click over to “EXISTING ACCOUNT” to login to an account you have already made.

STEP 2: Enter in ALL the parent information on the left hand side. When finished, fill out ALL the player information on the right hand side. Read/agree to the Membership Waiver Agreement by initialing at the bottom, and click the register button.



STEP 3: Confirm your selection and information. If all the information is correct, click on the “CONFIRM” button.


STEP 4: PAYMENT- If you are planning to pay offline, by calling in with a credit card or sending a cash/check: DO NOT STOP HERE! Your registration is still incomplete and will not show up in our system. If you prefer to pay online, please enter your payment information now. If you prefer to pay offline, click on the link underneath the product breakdown, that reads, “SKIP THE ONLINE PAYMENT” (the words will turn orange when you hover over them), and then click OK on the pop-up to confirm your choice.

STEP 5: CONGRATULATIONS! You have successfully completed the registration process! Look for the green bar at the top of your browser. You can then print this page for your records.