Referee FAQ

How do I become an NJB Referee?

If you have never officiated before, then NJB is a great place to start! We accept all newcomers during our Divisional Season that runs from Novemeber to March. Registration for the Divisional Season typically begins in early June with training camps and clinics running between October and November.

If you are an experienced official with a high school varsity or collegiate schedule, we may be able to start giving you assignments for our All-Net leagues and tournament games during any part of the year. The key part for you will be to get some exposure with our NJB All-Net assignors.

Each assignor may have different qualities that they are looking for but if you’re hard working and professional in your approach to the game, regardless of the level of play, then eventually you will find a niche within the league.

Upon joining the NJB staff, you will be required to register on the Arbiter and pay annual dues.

General Procedure for Certification

  1. Register and pay annual dues on Arbiter.
  2. Attend at least (1) national clinic in October
    *New officials must also be Live Scanned
  3. Attend your local district clinic.
  4. Receive game assignments from District Assignor

What is the Arbiter?

The Arbiter is the assigning program that NJB uses for its officials. It will send you e-mail alerts with details of where and when your games are held with the option to accept or decline the assignments.

Who is the assignor for my divisional region?

For Orange County and surrounding areas:

Aliso Viejo – Dave Moreno
Anaheim– Tom Carter
Anaheim Hills – Quentin McKenzie
Apple Valley/High Desert – Perry Kirkpatrick
Barstow– Perry Kirkpatrick
Brea– Tom Carter
Chino Valley–David Tate
Costa Mesa – Mike O’Connor
Covina Valley– Al Griffin
Cypress– Ryan Parris/Ramon Alvarado
Dana Point– David Moreno
Diamond Bar – David Tate
Hacienda Heights – Al Griffin
Hesperia – Perry Kirkpatrick
Huntington Beach– Mike O’Connor
El Toro– Gino Osborne
Fountain Valley– Jon Hightower
Fullerton– Tom Carter
Garden Grove West – Jon Hightower
Glendora – Al Griffin
Irvine – John Penir
Jurupa Valley – Craig Hawks
Mission Viejo – Gino Osborne
Moreno Valley- Craig Hawks
Newport Mesa – Mike O’Connor
La Mirada – Mike Davis
Ladera Ranch – Shawn Murphy
Laguna Beach– Gino Osborne
Laguna Hills – Gino Osborne
Laguna Niguel – Dave Moreno
Lake Forest – Gino Osborne
Long Beach – Ryan Parris/Ramon Alvarado
Los Alamitos – Ryan Parris/Ramon Alvarado
Placentia– Quentin McKenzie
Rancho Santa Margarita – Gino Osborne
Riverside County – Sherman Patterson
Riveside (South) – Craig Hawks
San Clemente – Dave Moreno
San Juan Capistrano– Dave Moreno
Santa Ana – Jon Hightower
Tustin – Sean Murphy
Victorville – Perry Kirkpatrick
Villa Park – John Penir
Walnut – David Tate
Whittier – Mike Davis
Westminster – Jon Hightower
Yorba Linda – Quentin McKenzie
San Diego– Ken Pilbin
Silicon Valley– Reggie Burnell

How much are registration dues?

For info on fees and link to registration, please click this link.


If you do not get to work enough games to cover the cost of your registration, you may e-mail NJB for a full or partial refund. Refund request forms are available at the NJB office.

What are the criteria for being an “Elite” official and to be able to work All-Net games?

All-Net games are officiated by our best and most talented officials. Not coincidentally, most All-Net officials usually work high school contests for their local CIF unit.

To be rated as an “Elite” official, it usually takes the ability to work a high school varsity schedule (boys or girls).

As a divisional referee you may also choose to naturally work your way onto the Elite staff by impressing NJB evaluators and getting great reviews from your district assignor. This process may take several seasons as we would have limited opportunities to observe and rate you. To maximize your exposure and opportunity for advancement, I strongly suggest finding other recreational leagues to officiate and network with their veteran referees as well. You’d be surprised how many are linked to NJB and could put in a good word for you with our Elite assignors!

What are the various rankings you use to rate NJB officials?

NJB Divisional Officials are ranked on the following scale:
A1 | The top divisional officials in the district. Eligible to officiate All-Net games.
A2 |Solid divisional official with the potential to advance to working All-Net games.
A3 | Talented prospect. Needs some experience and court savvy but has a good understanding of the fundamentals of officiating.
B | Rookie to 2nd year official
C | Rookie Official

All-Net Officials are rated Elite Reserve, Elite, Elite Plus, Elite High School or Elite College.

To be rated as an Elite High School we need verification that you worked the 2nd round of the CIF high school boys playoffs and have the approval of the ratings committee.

To be rated as Elite College and eligible for our highest paygrade, we need verification of a collegiate schedule of at least fifteen games.

What can I do to get a better schedule next year from my divisional assignor?

Though you will be able to meet with your assignor in person at the annual divisional clinics, it may take extra initiative for them to notice you and your improvement throughout the season.

Contact your assignor via e-mail and ask them for advice on how to improve your game. Ask if they wouldn’t mind working with you, as all of our assignors referee NJB games themselves.

Treat it as you would any other job by being creative and ambitious in attempts to improve your performance and progress your advancement.

How can I buy an NJB referee uniform?

Current NJB uniforms are available online at the NJB Store or you can drop by the office to pick up your gear. We have Divisional and Elite uniforms in stock for you to choose from.