Mission Statement

One of the unsung missions of National Junior Basketball is to provide a forum for the development of young basketball officials. Though the referee department’s primary goal is to secure the most capable referees for the games of NJB, it also looks forth to give opportunities for referees to develop their mechanics, judgment, and game management skills. We take pride in any official being able to accomplish their pursuit of a high school, collegiate, or professional game schedule thanks to some of the time they spent officiating NJB games.

The NJB Referee Department is always looking for strong experienced officials that can help train the rookies of our program while concurrently making sure the players of NJB get the best basketball experience possible. We also accept any interested, hard-working, and devoted youth official that wants to join our crew for the 2017-2018 season.

Please check the front page of Arbiter when you login for news on upcoming clinics and other events.

Referee registration is now open until November 1st.