Established in 1983, NJB is looking to expand into your area! Our expansion team is working hard to establish programs to provide youth basketball year round leagues emphasizing sportsmanship and player development.

Benefits of Expansion – Starting up an NJB Chapter in your area has many benefits:

  • Use of non-profit status. 501(c)(3)
  • NJB sanctioned tournaments
  • Year round leagues and programs
  • Certified programs for coaches and referees
  • Insurance coverage for every athlete, coach, and facility
  • Excellent vendors and sponsors for national tournaments.
  • AAU Partner

Expansion Process: Starting up an NJB Chapter is a very exciting and rewarding process. NJB will provide all the tools you will need to start up your chapter:

  • Flyers (distributed to your school district), posters, banners
  • NJB website which will be used to promote your chapter and accept registration
  • Assistance from the NJB Expansion Department
  • Online Management Software

As a chapter developer, NJB will help you identify local high schools or recreation centers that are currently working with youth programs to act as your Chapter venue. Once your high school venue has been secured and flyers have been approved by the school district(s), NJB will sponsor free fundamental clinics, and player registration, with the goal of increasing the interest in your new Chapter.

If you have any questions or have interest in participating, please contact:
Expansion Director: Dennis Murphy
email: expansion@njbl.org
phone: (888) 623-0124

What Do We Provide?

A sampling of the publications provided by NJB to help organize your chapter!

Programs and Tournaments

  • Excellent training and rules clinics for game referees to establish strong working relationships between chapters and referee coordinators.
  • Online scheduling formats and procedures for chapters to follow during the regular season of competition.
  • All-Net program for chapters with full administration in scheduling, uniforms, shoes, facilities and post-season tournaments.
  • High School Leagues for players who desire to participate, and are not playing for their High School Teams.
The Championship Series – The largest team tournament in the nation for all NJB teams only. Attracts over 400 teams. Area and sectional all-Star tournament for girls and boys.  National All-Star Tournament-This event culminates the winter season with the best teams competing for the National Title.


  • The official Blue Book governing the NJB chapters, containing the constitution and bylaws.
  • Maps of schools and directory of membership.
  • The official Parent Book, outlining the philosophy and guidelines of NJB.
  • The NJB Newsletters published tri-yearly, providing information on upcoming events.
  • Chapter, Area, and Sectional operational manuals.
  • Coaches Handbooks to assist coaches during the season.
  • The National Coaches Clinics – the teaching tool for the coaches and players.
  • Online training videos to assist the coaches on the court.

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