Divisional Team

Prior to releasing any equipment, the following procedure must be followed:

We will need the forms listed below along with your chapter payment. Failure to include all requested forms, will result in your equipment not being released.
• 2013-2014 Sanction Form
• 2012-2013 Financial Statement
• Payment

Any questions pertaining to the forms, please contact Jeannie: jcalhoun@njbl.org

You must call NJB (714) 765-6567 to schedule an appointment and confirm your pickup date. Please complete the information notifying NJB of your requested pick-up date/time. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD!

For Shipping, Please fill out below. (No PO BOX Address!)

We use: UPS Ground Shipping Only | Charges will be added to your total payment dues. NJB will notify you of your total amount due.