April 4, 2018
Background check is open for coaches who will be coaching in the off season.   All adults that are involved with our program must run a background check!  Click on the Registration on the right.    This is only background check.  There is no materials or coaches card provided!

The National Coach Registration for the 2018-19 season is now available! All head coaches are required to present their coach card to the referee before each game.

This year, included in your coach registration fee is:

  • Coach insurance
  • Comprehensive Coach Certification Exam
  • Easy “pick & attend” Coach Clinic
  • Exclusive Coach Training Videos and DVD
  • Coach Booklet and Divisional Rule Book

All coaches must “pre-register” for a coach clinic in order to receive the training DVD, Coach Booklet and Divisional Rule Book.

ATTENTION ALL COACHES, BOARD/COMMITTEE MEMBERS AND VOLUNTEERS: You must agree to an annual background check and be aware of the Safe Sport Act of 2017 which includes the following:

1)  Recognizing Grooming-  Definition and process.
2)  Policies to protect against misconduct.
3)  Reporting suspicions of of child sexual or physical abuse and other forms of abuse.
4)  Communication of information your chapter representatives.

See attached link for more information

Safe Sport Act of 2017




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