NJB Staff at National Headquarters

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
Dennis Murphy Commissioner 114 damurphy@njbl.org

Dennis Murphy, Jr. founded the National Junior Basketball league in 1985 because he wanted to provide boys and girls with an outlet for organized competition and good sportsmanship. He designed camps to develop sound basketball skills so that the children would become better players in the regular season. Dennis was previously a coach at Garden Grove High School where he had a vision of a youth basketball league based on sportsmanship and player development.

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
Charlie Grindrod Divisional Director 102 cgrindrod@njbl.org

Charlie is a new addition to the NJB Staff as Divisional Director.  In this role, he ensures correct information gets to the right people and provides support for the chapters at a national level. Chapter support includes: provision of basketballs and gear, vendor support, coaching materials, and training clinics. Charlie is a graduate of Vanguard University where he obtained a bachelor degree in Business Administration. He is a fan of the San Francisco Giants, Sacramento Kings, and Green Bay Packers. In his off time, he enjoys dabbling in video games, exploring the outdoors (Yosemite and Mammoth National Parks), and playing catch with a baseball. His favorite meal is steak, garlic bread, and a salad.

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
Jeannie Calhoun Divisional Assistant 110 jcalhoun@njbl.org

Jeannie has been w/ NJB for 6 years. She is responsible for compliance and the top assistant for the divisional department. She has two boys who have gone through the NJB program and currently play high school basketball.

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
Steffen Bell All-Net Director 108 sbell@njbl.org or allnetdirector@njbl.org

Steffen is responsible for coordinating the All-Net Club Division for grades 5th– 8th.  He attained his degree from Vanguard University in 2015. Steffen lettered in basketball and played football and baseball as well at Desert Chapel High School in Palm Springs.  An interesting fact about Steffen is that he enjoys buying socks. He is a fan of all the teams in Pittsburgh and has always enjoyed playing and watching hockey. His favorite meal is also Steak, Garlic Bread, and a salad.

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
Justin Scheerer All-Net Assistant 106 jscheerer@njbl.org

Justin has been with NJB for the last 11 years and spent the last year at NJB Headquarters supporting the All-Net league. In addition, he has myriad of responsibilities within the company to keep the company moving forward.  Justin obtained his Information Systems degree from Cal Poly-Pomona. In addition, Justin has been an NJB referee for the last 8 years as well as a varsity referee. He is a Lakers fan, and spends the majority of his off-time learning different aspects of the game of basketball.  Justin also likes steak, garlic bread and salad but in larger quantities than Charlie and Steffen.

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
Phong Chung Web Master / Graphics 112 pchung@njbl.org

Phong has worked with NJB for 6 years. His duties include, IT support, website administration,  graphics, and equipment management. He is married to his wife Ruby of 6 years, and has a 3 year old boy.

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
David Doherty Marketing & Social Media Coordinator 115 ddoherty@njbl.org

David oversees the marketing and social media aspects of NJB headquarters to keep people informed of the latest events and to promote the organization. He is a graduate of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia with a Business degree specializing in Marketing. Growing up in Washington, he did not have the opportunity to be a part of NJB, but played basketball on a number of AAU teams and all throughout high school. In his time off, he enjoys writing, playing basketball, watching sports and sci-fi, and studying history.

Name Title Ext Email/ContactDavid Tate Referee Coordinator 107 dtate@njbl.org

David is the supervisor for all game officials in the 9 states with NJB chapters. He attended the California State University Northridge and the University Phoenix. He is a lifetime member of both the Phi Beta Sigma and Delta Phy Sigma fraternities. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball and chess.

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
Adam Smith High School Administrator & All-Net Assistant 113 & 106 asmith@njbl.org

Adam’s role is to facilitate the High School League by coordinating with coaches, players, referees, facilities and parents  in Orange County and also assists in the day to day activities of the All-Net League. Adam played for Fullerton High School and has since been coaching grades K-12 for the last 8 years. He is currently the Varsity and Middle School Coach for Eastside Christian in Fullerton. He is currently studying at Fullerton College. He enjoys watching all sports and listening to music. His favorite food without a doubt is crab. 

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
Dawaun Williams High School Coordinator 113 dwilliams@njbl.org

Dawaun has been playing and coaching basketball for more than twenty years. Basketball is more than a game; it is the science of strategic planning and execution. Beginning in the 3rd grade on an orange county elementary playground and continuing through high school and college, he developed a passion for the sport that motivated him to provide the dedication that the sport deserves. Following college, he played on a number of semi pro Basketball teams; including NBA summer Leagues and NBA D leagues.  The success that he experienced in professional competition motivated him to continue working with the younger generation in an effort to improve their skill sets and discipline for a game that he loves. For the last 7 years he has been training and coaching players of all ages. He has coordinated academies, camps, club teams helping many players accomplish their goals.

Name Title Ext Email/ContactDina Grubb Stars / Training 103 dgrubb@njbl.org

Dina has been at NJB headquarters for the last 4 years. She has also spent the last 14 years working on and off for the organization. Dina oversees a lot of different areas of the organization. She is currently oversees the STARS programs; the elite program reserved for the best of the best. Also she oversees league expansion and the alumni program. Dina is attending University of California Irvine majoring in Vocal Music and specializing in Opera. She also holds a minor in Psychology. Dina played in NJB for 8 years and has played in every program available. She believes that NJB definitely prepared her to play for Calvary Chapel High School. Dina describes herself as a closest gamer with a mild to severe obsession with cats.

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
Jayne Marlow Customer Service Lead 104 jmarlow@njbl.org 

Jayne has been overseeing the front for 6 years now. She is married and has four children. Her two boys Adam and Kevin have both played with NJB.

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
Becca Raptis Admin Assistant 105 braptis@njbl.org

Becca started working with NJB at the beginning of 2015 and has since worn many hats in the organization. The most recent role is as the Assistant to the Commissioner. In this role she assists with the administrative duties allowing the commissioner to spend his time expanding the league. Becca earned her degree in Psychology from Cal-State Fullerton. In her time off, she enjoys reading, cooking, singing, and playing the guitar. Steak, garlic bread, and salad are her favorite meal as well in the biggest amounts possible.

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
Diane Foley Admin Assistant / Awards 101 dfoley@njbl.org

Jayne has been with NJB for 6 years. Her duties involve working in the front office, creating awards, and planning for special events. Her son Jesse played with NJB.

Name Title Ext Email/Contact
Hugo Diaz Accounting Administrator 109 accounting@njbl.org

Hugo is the accountant on staff. He is responsible for all bookkeeping tasks- revenue, expenses, payroll, inventory, refunds etc. He has a Business Administration degree that specializes in Accounting and is currently pursuing his CPA licensure. Hugo enjoys playing basketball and watching movies. His favorite foods are Mexican, Chinese, and Italian.

Name Title Email/Contact
Anthony Yaghoubi Store/Tournament Assistant ayaghoubi@njbl.org

Anthony has been with NJB for 2 years, and just recently began working at headquarters. He is responsible for aspects of the NJB Store and the primary lead for tournament planning. In addition, he is usually on site for all tournaments. Anthony is pursuing his degree in Computer Science from the University of California Irvine.  He loves kids and all things sports related. His favorite food is seafood.