Jordan Williams-Guest

I’m a freshman on the Santa Margarita Catholic High School Varsity Basketball Team. Godjordan knew I needed to be in a Christian based school and I’m blessed to be here. SMHS plays in the Trinity League which has some of the best teams in the country. Head Coach Jeff Reinert, and his seven assistant coaches, are excellent and have brought the feel of a university to SM Basketball. He believes that grades come before basketball and I am working hard to keep my grades up so I can be a regular starter. Along with homework from seven classes, I practice three hours a day, which is two hours of practice and at least one hour of weights.

Practice usually consists of individual post moves, fast-break drills, five on five, reviewing plays, and running sprints. In the weight room we do bench, upright bench with dumbbells, squats, leg press, and we run circuits. I used to get really sore from all the work, but now I’m used to it, and getting stronger. It’s very exciting playing in front of the student section called “The Eagle’s Nest”. I have great teammates and we believe we can win Division-1 CIF, and State.

Looking back, I believe that God lead me to different teams with good Christian Coaches who taught not just skills, good sportsmanship, and character, but they constantly encouraged and believed in me and each of my teammates. If it weren’t for this positive experience and extensive training I would not have been ready to play basketball with confidence and at a high level starting as a freshman in high school.

I am very grateful for the four-five years that I played for Coach Dennis Murphy on the NJB STARS. He not only prepared me for high school basketball, but WE HAD FUN!! Besides great local basketball tournaments, we had bowling parties at least twice a year, and tournaments in Las Vegas, Reno, San Francisco, Hawaii, and then Nationals in Memphis Tennessee and Orlando Florida. We prayed before each game and after each practice and game. All of this, and the bonding that took place with my teammates and their families, is something I will never forget. God will always be a part of my life as I try to honor the Lord in everything I do, just as I tried to do when I was on the NJB STARS Team. Also, a special “Thank You” to Coaches Dennis, Jeremy, Matt, Henry, Mack, and Stu.