What is National Junior Basketball (NJB)?

National Junior Basketball or NJB is a program designed to introduce, teach, and develop the fundamentals of basketball to our local youth. The primary emphasis is on sportsmanship, teamwork, and healthy competition.

What Division will my child play in?

Rookie Division: Grades K – 2
Division 3: Grades 3 & 4
Division 2: Grades 5 & 6
Division 1: Grades 7 & 8

How do I involve my child with NJB?

If you are a parent new to NJB, please locate your local city chapter. (click here for chapter list) Your local chapter is your starting point. For further assistance, contact NJB headquarters.

How do I register?

Registration can be completed by clicking register now or contacting your county league administrator. We also hold periodic in-person registration events and you can sign up at our evaluation dates.

Am I registered?

After you complete the online registration process you will receive a confirmation e-mail from your chapter league administrator letting you know that your child is in our registration database. If you received the confirmation you’re registered!

I’ve registered, now what?

All players must attend evaluations where each player will participate in a series of drills.  Coaches from each division and an independent evaluator will rate each child during the set of drills. The numbers are compiled and result in an overall score which will be used during the Draft process.

After I have registered, where can I obtain additional information on the upcoming season?

Your chapter director should be keeping all of their members updated. If you require information, please contact your chapter director before contacting NJB headquarters.

What can I do if NJB doesn’t have a chapter where I live?

You can volunteer to become a chapter director! Please contact our Divisional Director for more information. (888-623-0124)

What is this “All-Net” I hear about?

NJB offers the All-Net Program for advanced players grades 5th – 8th through their chapters. This division prepares the athlete for high school competition.

Can I coach?

Yes! NJB is 100% supported by our volunteers and we are continuously looking for individuals to coach our teams.  Volunteer coaches are one of our most precious resources.  Please volunteer if interested. You’re not required to have a child participating in the league and NJB offers Clinics and instructional materials for individuals without prior experience. Each coach in NJB is required to complete a background check.

When and where will my child practice?

Practices days and times are determined by each individual coach.  Practices are typically held once or twice a week at a local outdoor court.

Can my child play with his or her friends?

While we hope that all of your child’s friends sign up, we cannot accommodate requests to play with friends or extended family members.  Siblings in the same division are guaranteed to be on the same team. Requests to play with friends, neighbors, or cousins cannot be honored for carpooling or any other reasons. Requests associated with medical reasoning or based on a severe hardship will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

What is NJB doing to ensure safety?

NJB provides several safeguards.  Every individual (Board Member, Coach, Assistant Coach, etc.) associated with NJB is required to register online. In addition to address and telephone information, there are also a series of Yes/No questions that relate to an individual’s fitness and eligibility to be involved in youth sports.  Lastly, all coaches must be fingerprinted and are subject to background investigation and/or fingerprint verification to determine suitability for this sensitive community position. Live Scan, by U.S. Fingerprinting, provides a timely and accurate response from the Department of Justice alerting us to anyone who has had a felony conviction. If a felony conviction appears, that individual, as well as the Chapter Director, is immediately notified in writing that the individual can no longer be associated with any NJB activity.