Congratulations to Daniel Liese, Chapter Director of the Year!

Daniel Liese is the Chapter Director of the well and thriving Walnut NJB Chapter that provides opportunities to learn basketball fundamentals and facilitate basketball leagues for different skill levels for kids from Kindergarten all the way through High School.

Daniel’s introduction to NJB began when he started looking for leagues for his son that were more competitive. It wasn’t long until he was asked to be on the board for the Walnut Chapter. He was voted in as the Chapter Director 4 years ago.

Daniel Liese- Chapter Director of the Year

He sports an extensive basketball resume playing 4 years at Cal State and a summer stint with the Los Angeles Lakers. At points in his career, he was All-Conference and ranked 5th in the nation for free throws and 13th in the nation in 3-pointers. In addition, he was a high school coach in the Orange County area for a number of years.

Liese brings this expertise of his with him as he leads the Walnut Chapter to success. His connections have been able to bring speakers to the players like Byron Scott, Christine Simmons, and Pete Arbogast. When asked about what makes the chapter successful, he emphasized the family-like environment on all levels of the organization from the 12-member Board of Directors all the way down to the players.

He spoke of the way that people do stuff together and volunteer their time. He attributes the emphasis on clear, transparent and consistent communication as a key contributor to their success. The Walnut Board of Directors is a very tight group that stays connected using WhatsApp throughout the week to make sure they are all on the same page and come together twice a month to address what happens around the league.

All of these factors have contributed to the successful results we have seen at Walnut NJB and why we want to thank and acknowledge Daniel Liese as this year’s Chapter Director of the Year!

Thanks for all the work and time that you put in to make your chapter such a great success!

7th and 8th Girls NJB Stars Bring Home the Trophy

The 7th and 8th Grade Girls Orange County Stars brought home the championship trophy earlier this month at the Battle of the Best tournament, which took place at the MAP Sports Facility in Garden Grove, California.

The team rallied to victory against SoPac West in the championship game to win by 5 points with a final score of 35-30. The victory was a testament to the team’s determination to stick with it after losing by 20 points to the same team less than 24 hours earlier.

NJB Orange County Stars Champions for ABF Battle of the Best

Stars coach, Rich Estrada, attributes the championship victory to an outstanding outside shooting percentage, great communication on defense, and precise and effective ball movement. “We put together a game plan and the girls executed it perfectly,” said Estrada.

According to his estimates, about 40 points were left on the court in the first game against SoPac West, because the shots simply did not fall. He said it was encouraging to see his team regroup after a tough loss and see the shots go in once again.

The team showed resilience to pull off the victory, while missing their starting point guard at the game. Their second point guard rose to the occasion and was very effective in distributing the ball. Aliya Gonzalez had a strong inside presence and a was a force to be reckoned with on the boards. When asked about Aliya, Coach Estrada said, “Her efforts seemed to create a big tempo shift that helped give the team the edge throughout the course of the game.”

The National Tournament is on the horizon and the girls have it as their focus. Over the last 3 years, they have been All-Net champs all 3 years and they are hoping to make it to the big show this year. However, there is still a lot of work to be done to make it a reality.

Coach Estrada said of the team, “We are a good team, and we are working to become a great team. Every game is a team effort.  They play as a team,they play together, and there is a lot camaraderie on the team.” The team objectives going forward is to help improve consistency on the floor, and to continue learning to adapt to changes of personnel and sets put on the court by the opposing team.

Coach Estrada like the Stars program because of its ability to bring in a lot of different talent around Orange County. The program “creates a high school and almost college-like team atmosphere that brings people together to work for a common goal.”


The Path to Victory
Valley Rage 26-21 W
SoPac West 13-33 L
SoPac East 31-8 W
Championship Game- SoPac West 35-30 W




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Player registration and chapter Openings

The upcoming season is right around the corner. It is time to make sure all your ducks are in a row when it comes to registration. Please check with your local chapters for upcoming events. Let’s have a great season everyone!

In addition, both the Lake Forest and Chino Valley chapters are open and have posted their upcoming schedules for the season.

Please  note that the Lake Forest Draft Day is November 4th!

To find out more information on the Chino Valley Chapter and their upcoming schedule: Click Here 

To find out more information on the Lake Forest Chapter and their upcoming schedule: Click Here