Championship Series

Date – Sunday, February 17 or Sunday, February 24 — Fee $120 per team or $130 after February — Format, 2 games scheduled, Play teams from other NJB chapters, Top-Rated Referees, Play in high school/college facilities, Awards to 1st and 2nd placed teams, Player Participation Certificates — Registration guidelines: 1) The coach must first create an account. 2) Click Add team button 3) Add a chapter to team name field 4) Click Add Player, and enter your roster. Click here to Register

La Habra NJB League Administrator Spotlight – Cynthia Murphy

NJB Headquarters wants to recognize Cynthia Murphy and her family for continuous support to our mission here at NJB. Showing the highest level of commitment,  Cynthia was a major asset in launching our La Habra Winter league in 2018. She is very appreciative of the support of her great committee Juan, Becky, Durene, and Robert! Her job is to email all parents to keep them well informed of all the events. She is also very diligent in keeping close communication with the coaches and NJB Headquarters. You can catch her on Sundays at Sonora Highschool always with a smile on her face with a positive attitude. Cynthia has a son, Sean Murphy who has been with NJB continuously since he was a little kid and now he is a Chapter assistant for Tustin NJB! Keep up the amazing work Cynthia and lets go La Habra NJB!

Cynthia with her NJB Rookies
Cynthia with her NJB Rookies
Picture of her son, Sean Murphy playing 2007 NJB
Picture of her son, Sean Murphy playing 2007 NJB

RSM NJB Chapter Director Spotlight- Tracy Bremmer

NJB Headquarters wants to recognize Tracy Bremmer and her family for continuous support to our mission here at NJB. Showing the highest level of commitment, Tracy’s children all have been apart of RSM NJB’s winter and summer leagues. The Bremmer kids have grown up on the RSM NJB basketball courts with Luke and Kate both starting at age 5. This makes Tracy very happy since she grew up playing and coaching basketball. You can find Tracy and her husband Geoff running around the RSM NJB basketball courts with all their 4 little Ballers!

Congratulations to Daniel Liese, Chapter Director of the Year!

Daniel Liese is the Chapter Director of the well and thriving Walnut NJB Chapter that provides opportunities to learn basketball fundamentals and facilitate basketball leagues for different skill levels for kids from Kindergarten all the way through High School.

Daniel’s introduction to NJB began when he started looking for leagues for his son that were more competitive. It wasn’t long until he was asked to be on the board for the Walnut Chapter. He was voted in as the Chapter Director 4 years ago.

Daniel Liese- Chapter Director of the Year

He sports an extensive basketball resume playing 4 years at Cal State and a summer stint with the Los Angeles Lakers. At points in his career, he was All-Conference and ranked 5th in the nation for free throws and 13th in the nation in 3-pointers. In addition, he was a high school coach in the Orange County area for a number of years.

Liese brings this expertise of his with him as he leads the Walnut Chapter to success. His connections have been able to bring speakers to the players like Byron Scott, Christine Simmons, and Pete Arbogast. When asked about what makes the chapter successful, he emphasized the family-like environment on all levels of the organization from the 12-member Board of Directors all the way down to the players.

He spoke of the way that people do stuff together and volunteer their time. He attributes the emphasis on clear, transparent and consistent communication as a key contributor to their success. The Walnut Board of Directors is a very tight group that stays connected using WhatsApp throughout the week to make sure they are all on the same page and come together twice a month to address what happens around the league.

All of these factors have contributed to the successful results we have seen at Walnut NJB and why we want to thank and acknowledge Daniel Liese as this year’s Chapter Director of the Year!

Thanks for all the work and time that you put in to make your chapter such a great success!