2015 Spring All-Net


Season Starts on April 4



April 4 1-Day Tournament @ the MAP Sports Facility*
April 11-12 League Games
April 18-19 League Games
April 25-26 League Games
May 2-3 Power Tournament @ the AIM Sportsplex*
May 9 League Games
May 16-17 2015 Spring League Tournament @ Saddleback Valley Sports Center*

* Free for Spring All-Net teams. To be scheduled for these specific Spring events, your team must register by clicking on the registration links embedded into the calendar event. Teams that do not register for the specific events will not be included in the schedule.


The season will consist of 12-14 games, which includes three (3) tournaments. This league is open to Boys and Girls teams Grades 3-8. Games will be played in Orange County and Inland Empire Gyms.  League is open to All-Net and Club Travel Teams.

Any questions please contact Afshin Haghgoo:
(714) 765-6567 x 108 or Email: ahaghgoo@njbl.org


STEP 1: Register your team for player payment

1. Click on the “TEAM REGISTRATION” button on the right side of this page.

2. Fill out the required information.

3. When registering your team name, please include City/Chapter, Team Name and Grade. (i.e. Brea Clippers 5)

4. Upon completing team registration, you must notify your parents to complete the player registration and pay immediately and give them the chapter, team name and grade to register the player under your team.

**Teams with unpaid players will not be certified to play and will have their games subject to forfeiture.**

STEP 2: Create your team roster for certification

Click on “SUBMIT YOUR ROSTER” button on the right side of this page.
1. Register an account if you are a new coach.  Log in if you are an existing coach;

2. Click on the “Add New Team” button if creating the team for the first time and input the required information, including uploading the team photo, then click Submit.

3. Then click on the “+” button (plus sign) to drop down the team info with options to add new players and edit the team at the bottom;

4. Click on the “Add New Player” button, then enter the required player information, along with uploading a headshot of the player, and then click Submit when finished.

5. Repeat previous steps for the rest of your players until you have a completed roster.

6. Final Step: Click on the blue “Register Team” button, then click on “Register Event Roster” for the “2015 NJB All-Net Spring League“, then click on the “Register” button in the Pop-Up; select your team from the drop down menu, and check off the players that will be playing in the event.  When finished, click “Submit”, then click OK.

STEP 3: Submit player documents for certification

To receive a certified roster and ensure your games will not be forfeited, your team must submit copies of the following documents from each player to Afshin Haghgoo by either presenting them in person during NJB office hours (listed on the right hand side at the bottom) or scanning and emailing them to ahaghgoo@njbl.org:

    • Most recent report card from each player;
    • Copy of each players’ birth certificate.

Once all players’ documents have been submitted, and the team and individual photos uploaded, and all players’ payments completed, your team will then receive a signed and certified roster that you will be required to present before each game. Not presenting your roster will subject your team to forfeiting its games.


All-Net is for teams only, meaning that individuals who wish to play All-Net must find or create a team to play All-Net. To find a team local in your area, please contact your local NJB chapter. Contact information for local chapters can be found here: NJB Chapters

We also provide NJB Youth Leagues for individual players. Information on NJB Youth Leagues can be found here: NJB Youth Leagues


Click on the Score Logo to order the Official All-Net Uniforms:


Important Information

Payment and Certification


Coach’s kid plays free!


League Information

League Package

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Spring Power Rankings

Winter Power Rankings


Grade Play Down Requirements

Play Down Waiver Form

Game Summary Form

Adult Ejection Reporting Form

Player Ejection Reporting Form

Staff List

All-Net Director
Afshin Haghgoo
714.765.6567 x 108
Office Hours:
Tuesday through Friday – 10am to 2pm

All Net Administrator
Justin Scheerer
714.765.6567 x 106
Office Hours:
Friday – 10am to 2pm

Front Office/Payment
Jayne Marlow
Office Hours:
Monday through Thursday – 10am to 2pm

721 East Ball Road #101
Anaheim, CA  92805