NJB’s Hall of Fame – Nick Buford

Nick Buford


National Junior Basketball is proud to announce our newest member in the Hall of Fame, Dr. Nick Buford!

NJB Hall of Fame has been around since 1987, for those inspiring and dedicated individuals who have served with NJB for 20+ years. We want to be able to highlight their journey with us, and thank them for their many efforts, time, dedication, support, and love toward NJB throughout the years.


Dr. Nick Buford comes from the city of Orange in Southern California, and has been with NJB since 1986. His journey with NJB consisted of being a parent of three players, a coach for about 25 NJB teams, El Modena Chapter Board Member for five years, NJB Official for 20 years, Referee Counselor for about four years, and Referee Coordinator for District 3 for about 15 years (which is his current role).

Nick’s desire for the current NJB generation/ community is to have dedication, commitment, sportsmanship, cooperation, resilience, self-sacrifice, and fun in their every day lives.

NJB has been a big part of Nick’s life, and to him, NJB means community spirit, sportsmanship, leadership, and having a healthy and positive alternative to negative student involvement, such as gangs. It’s also about the character development in individuals, a method of how to cope with victory and adversity, and about having a positive method in giving back to the community.