Coach Registration is NOW OPEN!

The 2013-14 Divisional Coach Registration is open for registration.
All Head Coaches must register and pay their $15 membership fee online.

Divisional Coaches will receive the following as part of the registration:

1) Coach Booklet at the Live National Clinic
2) Coach Rule Book at the Live National Clinic
3) Coach clinic DVD on skills and drills taught at the National Clinic
4) Coach Clinic Certificate to present to the local chapter
5) Video section on the web site to enhance team practices. Great drills online
6) Take NJB Divisional Test online. Need 80% to pass- 20 questions
7) National Live Coach Clinic for certification

Divisional Coaches must pre-register online for a Live Coach Clinic.
Pick the clinic you desire as you register online.

Coaches must do the following to receive your 2013-14 Coach Card-
1) Register online and pay your registration fee
2) Take the Divisional Test online and pass with at least 80%
3) Attend a Live coach clinic this season
4) NJB Livescan/Fingerprint approval
5) Upload your photo for the Coach Card

Check out the great coach videos online. This is a great tool for teaching the players on your team.