The Amateur Basketball Federation is a non-profit group dedicated to operating 1st class tournaments and events.



Official ABF Player ID Card


1 Excellent Venues – ABF Tournaments will be held at the MMTSC in Irvine and the MAP Sports Facility in Garden Grove
2 Game Management – ABF will provide excellent staff, scorekeepers, referees and directors available to make your experience positive.
3 Online Management– ABF will make easy and friendly method to register and pay for your team. Online schedules posted by Wednesday for each tournament. Scores posted online to view and follow. Mobile Apps for parents
4 Player Certification– ABF will require all players and teams to be certified. Players will be required to have an ID card with individual photo for all events. Game referees will check each team prior to each game for verification. All coaches must have a credential to sit on the bench at all tournaments.
5 Respect the game – ABF will demand excellent sportsmanship from all coaches, players and parents during tournaments. Zero tolerance will be enforced at all events.
6 Stop-clock  – ABF will play either 14-16 minute halves for all games. Each contest will be scheduled every 60 minutes to allow for proper warm-up and team preparation.
7 More Games – All teams will play 3-6 games during all tournaments. Each bracket will offer a championship title game with 3 referees working the court for the teams.
8 Certified Referees – ABF will assign college/high school highly trained officials. Our group will hustle and work hard on floor mechanics during games. Referees will not be allowed to work more than 3-4 games in a row without a break. They will be fresh and ready to run the court.
9 Team Rankings– ABF will publish team rankings for each age division after each event. Rankings will help establish tournament seedings for event. ABF will work directly with AAU basketball on team rankings for our clubs. Your final ranking will determine your team position for the 2017 Championship Finals.
10 AGE Divisions – ABF will offer the following for teams:
Division 1 – Gold to High Silver level teams
Division 2 – Silver to High Bronze level teams
Division 3 – Bronze to Copper level teams
Your ABF ranking will determine your proper division for tournaments
11 Club Points – ABF will produce a bonus/point system for clubs during the year. Your club will receive points during tournament to use for future events. What a savings for your club to use for merchandise, tournament fees, etc… with the ABF.
12 Hospitality Room – ABF will host a VIP area for all coaches, referees and special guests. Please join us and relax and enjoy some food and drinks as you prepare for your games.
13 Awards – ABF will provide excellent and beautiful medals, trophies, plaques and top notch merchandise to our players after each tournament. Closing ceremony will take place to honor our coaches and players. The kids deserve the recognition and will leave with a smile on their face.